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About Me

Software development should not be a secret process, when I take on a new project I make it my goal to not only deliver a well crafted product but to also ensure that each stage of the process is fully communicated.


Robust iOS applications, including integrations with APIs, location based services, and social graphs.


Scalable web applications developed in Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel.

Machine Learning.

Advanced data analysis algorithms crafted with the purpose of injecting intelligence into web and mobile applications.

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Jordan Hudgens


With over a decade of development experience in a number of industries I realized that the typical product creation process between clients and developers was flawed. All too often developers rarely communicate to clients throughout the development stage, resulting in a final product that fails to reach the goal sought by the customer and end user.

For this reason I decided to utilize a completely different development pattern that focuses on highly focused communication and transparent design patterns. When I take on a project not only do I work to craft the application according to the client's specifications, I give daily updates to ensure that the project is aligning properly with the client's goals. The end result is the right product, delivered on time, and on budget.

My work

Time Spent Daily On...

Ruby on Rails
MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS)
PHP | Laravel



Coding is only one step in building out a robust web application, by utilizing design best practices I will work to ensure that the application's user experience and design exceeds your expectations.


From traditional web applications to API integrations, I have experience crafting web based applications in Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, and PHP's Laravel frameworks.


With several years of experience building native iOS applications, I can help turn your mobile app concepts into reality, from the storyboard to the app store.


In addition to building out applications, I have built out coding curriculum and have thousands of students from around the world on Udemy, AppDev, and SkillShare. I have built tutorials for: Ruby on Rails, iOS development, Python, MEAN stack, NoSQL, and algorithms.


If you have an enterprise based application, you will need to have a developer with experience building out scalable applications that can handle mission critical data. For these types of applications I utilize test driven development, custom algorithm creation, security testing, and load testing.


Too many developers simply focus on copy and pasting code to build out functionality which can lead to bugs in a program. I leverage my decade long computer science graduate school education and build out formal models to ensure that your project is structured properly.

My Recent Positions

Dixie Electric


IT Director
Softare Development Lead

With Dixie Electric I lead in the build out of multiple enterprise software solutions, including a mobile ticketing solution, EDI integrations for improved payment communication, an inventory management system, API build outs for each module, machine learning algorithms to determine fleet lifespans, and may other business centric applications that enabled the company to streamline operations, resulting in saving the company over $1MM in costs in the first year.



VP Engineering
Development / Design / Integration

Developed the product from the initial storyboard for both the mobile application and enterprise web dashboard. Created GPS mapping tools, payroll system, digital approvals and a number of features that enable energy companies to migrate to paperless invoicing. Accomplishments & duties:

-> Programmed the initial mobile and web application in Objective-C and the LAMP stack. Also programmed the second version of the product to include a Ruby on Rails stack integration.
-> Developed a full suite of features based on client feedback, including: GPS real time tracking, remote digital approvals, AJAX based ETA job estimation and planning, along with a number of innovative items.
-> Worked with Intellectual Property law firm, Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch on designing a patent on the Trackr technology.
-> Recruited a team of engineers from across the globe to continue to build out the project.
-> Manage the day-to-day product development and integration of new features into both the mobile application and web dashboard.
-> Report to President and shareholders on the development statuses.
-> Work as liaison to key customers for both sales and support.
-> Work extensively with the IT departments of Occidental Petroleum and Chevron for integration with pre-existing invoicing systems.


My Portfolio

Some work that I have performed for clients in a number of industries.

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Eventbrite Web Applications


BeerFlash iOS App


Crudelist Web Application


HFS iOS Application


Trackr Web and iOS App


WTSTC Scheduling Web Application


Ministry Safe Web Application


Your Wellness Room Web Application


Streamvision Media CMS & API


Contact me via email to talk: [email protected]